Prop Rental Policy 

It is agreed that the renter assumes full responsibility while in their, or their agents possession for loss or damage of all items entered under this agreement by reason of fire or from any cause whatsoever, and in the event of loss or damage hereby agree to pay the owners such amount as they may determine for the repairs or replacement of any of these items, said amount not to exceed the value of articles as herewith itemized and agreed upon.

It is also understood that is not liable for any damage caused by properties rented from and are herewith released from any danger or damages that might be caused by the use of same. If an action is brought to enforce the terms and provisions of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorneys fees and costs of suit. The renter agrees to indemnify against any and all action, suits, claims, demands or prosecutions that may be brought or instituted against and also against all. The Above Goods in damages, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees that may pay or incur or become liable for in defending or compromising the same, or any of them, in consequence of renting the listed items. This agreement is not subject to cancellation or changes without the written consent of

THIS MERCHANDISE LISTED ON PROPCITY.COM IS NOT FOR SALE, unless noted or a separate agreement is created between the two parties independent of OTHERWISE, ALL ITEMS AND SUPPLIES ARE FOR RENTAL PURPOSES ONLY.